The corona restrictions in Sweden will be lifted from February 9th

The pandemic is not over but it is now entering a new phase where restrictions are no longer needed.

We’ll keep most of our precautionary measures for a while longer but can now soon start social dances and increase the number of course participants who in several venues have now been limited to 14 people.

Most courses have already been postponed to the middle/end of February, thus it is not too late to sign-up.

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Vaccination remains important to reduce the risk of infection and greatly reduce the risk of serious illness. The interval for the 3rd dose has now been reduced to 3 months.

You do not to be a Swedish citizen to get vaccinated in Sweden!

Book vaccination here and get more information in english here

We are also pleased to announce that our friends from Cats’ Corner will be arranging their fantastic Lindy Hop dance camp Malmö Spring Jump the 13-15th May 2022. During the weekend, a beginners’ weekend will also be offered in collaboration with HepTown

Decisive factors for the removal of the restrictions in Sweden

  • Knowledge of omicron with several international studies showing milder disease
  • The number of covid patients at intensive care is stably low despite massive spread of infection
  • High vaccination coverage with a high vaccination rate in recent weeks

(Se hela presskonferensen och läs vad FHM skriver.)

What about Lindy Hop courses and social dances?

  • The social dances will return in mid-February. Preliminary start the 14th February
  • We can now accept more than 14 participants for a course in a large 170m2 room but will continue to avoid unnecessarily large course groups.
  • We keep most of our previous measures such as keeping the partner rotation on the courses down for a while longer
  • Staying home when you are ill has always been a good idea. Let’s make it a permanent rule!
  • We still like to see that participants are vaccinated, but from 9 February it is no longer a requirement we can make.

Our complete list of requirements and recommendations