Frequently asked questions concerning swing dancing and Lindy Hop

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions concerning swing dancing and Lindy Hop classes.

Do I need a steady dancing partner?

No, you don’t. For us Lindy Hop is a social dance – i.e. not a row of choreographed moves learned by heart together with a specific partner. We teach the universal techniques of leading and following, which can be used with all partners. Therefore we also change dancing partner every 1-5 minutes in the classes.
But you are very welcome to bring along your friend, spouse or lover.

Why must I change partners all the time?

This you must for your own sake – and for others’! This way you avoid learning the specific reactions of a specific partner instead of learning how to lead / follow. Lindy Hop is taught this way all over the world!

Why does a beginners workshop last a whole weekend?

Our beginners workshop is a form of accelerated learning. You therefore don’t need several weeks of classes to learn the basic techniques. Instead you will be ready to go straight into dancing with the rest of us at the live concerts and the social dances. And already the following week you will be ready to learn more variations and tricks. You have a big and very entertaining experience ahead of you!

What clothes should I wear?

We don’t have a dress code. At the beginners workshop we for practical reasons recommend something loose fitting, i.e. a t-shirt. At the weekly classes a mix of casual clothes is worn, i.e. t-shirts, jeans, jumpers or just a leisure suit.
Many people use indoor sneakers as used for example for aerobics, handball or basketball while others use any other kind of shoes they like. Many people choose after having danced a while to buy shoes made specifically for swing dancing. Shoes as worn for standard or latin dancing (high heels etc.) is not recommended for swing dancing.
At the live events some of us like to dress up to get in the spirit of the swinging 30’s and 40’s.

How old should I be?

Swing is for all ages. We have members from 13-60+. A rather big part of our members are students and/or in their 20’s.

Do I have to be fit?

It is definitely a plus to be in good physical condition. Though swing dancing at the beginners level doesn’t require you be fit at all. But there is a good chance that you along the way will improve your physique in a fun way together with other people.

What else is required?

Not much, we have room for everybody – fancy clothes, a Caribbean sway in your hips and long routines which must be remembered are not necessary! A good spirit is an advantage, but you will get this automatically! The only advice is to avoid eating too much garlic before you show up…

Lindy Hop jitterbug and swing – isn’t that about throwing the lady in the air?

No, social swing dancing is completely without acrobatic throws and jumps. As you get more experienced you will get the opportunity to try some of the simpler classic “air steps” from the 30’s. And that isn’t as difficult as it looks. Air steps include a lot of technical tricks, so you don’t have to be a superman to perform them.

Is it dangerous?

No, but it is highly addictive!

Are the classes taught in Danish/Swedish/English?

Swing dancing is an international culture spread all over the world. In our classes we often have foreigners. Is we have non-Danish/non-Swedish speaking students in a class, English will be used as the language for teaching (mixed in with a bit of Danish and Swedish). This always works so that everybody can follow the classes, also without any big knowledge of foreign languages.

Which classes can I take?

HepTown carries out a variety of classes in Malmö and Lund and sometimes elsewhere:

  • Beginners workshops
    four to five times every semester
  • Continuing courses on up to 5 different levels
  • Special Classes
    Some weekends we carry out classes with different (international) guest teachers.

Also weekend workshops in Lindy Hop happen almost every weekend around Europe (and in the rest of the world). Here you get the chance to take classes by some of the best dancers / teachers in the world with classes at all levels. A lot of people from HepTown – also newcomers – go to these workshops a few times each year.

The biggest of these camps goes on in July every year in the Swedish village Herräng. Here you can take classes and dance socially almost 24 hours a day with the best of the best…
But of course it is OK to go to your weekly classes and not worry too much about workshops, camps etc.!

Can I practise what I learn in the classes and can I go out to dance Lindy Hop?

There are lots of opportunities to practice the variations learnt in the classes and to go out Lindy Hop dancing:
There are weekly dances arranged by HepTown in Lund on Mondays (Monday Night Swing), Malmö on Wednesdays.
There is also Club Hep Cat (live swing music) and lots of other events around town. Check the calendar for all events.

Is it expensive? Can I get a discount if I’m a student?

No, Lindy Hop at HepTown is not more expensive than other dance classes. Yes, students usually get a discount

Is there any reason I shouldn’t start on Lindy Hop classes?

No, we can’t think of any. So now you just have to register…