Lindy Hop and other Swing dance classes

HepTown arranges swing dance courses in Lund, Malmö, Helsingborg och Dalby. Primarily in the dance Lindy Hop but sometimes in other dances too.

During the great swing band era of the 20th century there emerged certain swing dances, quite unlike anything the world had ever seen before. The most well-known and legendary of these swing dances was the “Lindy Hop”. Also known as “Jitterbug”. Originated in the black neighborhoods of Harlem during the twenties and thirties. After decades of slumbering in oblivion, Lindy Hop has once again revived

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Next beginners’ Lindy Hop weekend

Aktivitet / artikel Level Start Day & time Price Venue    
A. Lindy Hop Beginners' Weekend, A
Start 1/4. Lör 11.00-16.00 2 ggr.
A 1/4 Lör 11.00-16.00 2 ggr 800:- Gymnastiksal 43, Lerbäckskolan, Lund Late 7 platser kvar för förare. 3 platser kvar för följare. »
A. Lindy Hop Beginners Weekend, A
Start 8/4. Lör 11.00-16.00 2 ggr.
A 8/4 Lör 11.00-16.00 2 ggr 800:- Stora Salongen, Moriska Paviljongen, Malmö Direct Plats finns »

Events that include a beginners Lindy Hop taster class

Apr 24

Red Hot Club: Lady Swing Orchestra II

April 24, 2017 @ 18:00 - 23:00 CEST

Swing course news

Swing course registration Riot Get a head start when we open the registration Posted in: classes - The 22nd of December at 8 pm we open the registration for the beginners' Lindy Hop weekends. January 4th at 8 pm we open all higher Lindy Hop levels. Get a head start and register faster by creating a user account on today. This is where all HepTowns course registrations Continue Reading