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Lindy Hop: beginners, continued, try it, Spring 2024 and full schedule.
Blues, Balboa, Solo Jazz etc: beginners, Try it, all

HepTown arranges swing dance courses in the south of Sweden. Always in Lund and Malmö. Sometimes also in Helsingborg and Ynglingarum near Tjörnarp. Primarily in the dance Lindy Hop but sometimes in other dances too.

Lindy Hop

Who dances Lindy Hop with HepTown?
 Everyone! From teens to senior citizens… Have a look at some photos from our events

During the great swing band era of the 20th century there emerged certain swing dances, quite unlike anything the world had ever seen before. The most well-known and legendary of these swing dances was the “Lindy Hop”. Also known as “Jitterbug”. Originated in the black neighborhoods of Harlem during the twenties and thirties. After decades of slumbering in oblivion, Lindy Hop has once again revived

Full swing dance course schedule 

What to try it first? Check out all the events with a Lindy Hop taster for beginners

Beginners’ Lindy Hop weekends and courses (A)

LevelStartDay & timePriceVenueInstructors  
1/4 Monday Night Swing + Beginners' class, A
Mån 18.00-22.00 1 ggr. Start 1/4. Gasquesalen, Kårhuset, Lund. Price 70:-.
A1/4Mån 18.00-22.001 ggr70:-Gasquesalen, Kårhuset, LundDirect Ingen anmäld till 50 platser
A. Lindy Hop Beginners' Weekend Malmö 27-28/4, A
Lör & Sön 11-16 2 ggr. Start 27/4. Festsalen, Ungdomens hus, Malmö. Price 650:-.
Instructors LinaMaria, Mattias B.
A27/4Lör & Sön 11-162 ggr650:-Festsalen, Ungdomens hus, MalmöLinaMaria, Mattias BDirect 14 förare och 16 följare anmälda till totalt 40 platser
20/5 Monday Night Swing + Beginners' class. Season finale!, A
Mån 18.00-22.00 1 ggr. Start 20/5. Gasquesalen, Kårhuset, Lund. Price 70:-.
A20/5Mån 18.00-22.001 ggr70:-Gasquesalen, Kårhuset, LundDirect En anmäld till 50 platser

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Continue with a full semester of beginners-continued (B)

You can continue on any of these regardless of where you started. You can eg take a weekend in Lund and continue in Malmö

LevelStartDay & timePriceVenueInstructors  
B. Lindy Hop Beg-continued SUNDAYS, B
Sön 16.30-18.00 10 ggr. Start 3/3. Gymnastiksal 42, Lerbäckskolan, Lund. Price 1050:-.
Instructors Jenny J, Kim.
B3/3Sön 16.30-18.0010 ggr1050:-Gymnastiksal 42, Lerbäckskolan, LundJenny J, KimDirect 8 förare och 10 följare anmälda till totalt 50 platser
B. Lindy Hop Beg-continued MONDAYS, B
Mån 18.15-19.45 10 ggr. Start 4/3. Gasquesalen, Kårhuset, Lund. Price 1050:-.
Instructors Erika M, Georg.
B4/3Mån 18.15-19.4510 ggr1050:-Gasquesalen, Kårhuset, LundErika M, GeorgDirect 23 förare och 26 följare anmälda till totalt 52 platser
B. Lindy Hop Beg-continued WEDNESDAYS, B
Ons 18.15-19.45 10 ggr. Start 6/3. Stora Salongen, Moriska Paviljongen, Malmö. Price 1050:-.
Instructors LinaMaria, Mattias B.
B6/3Ons 18.15-19.4510 ggr1050:-Stora Salongen, Moriska Paviljongen, MalmöLinaMaria, Mattias BDirect 26 förare och 31 följare anmälda till totalt 54 platser
B. Lindy Hop Beg-continued TUESDAYS, B
Tis 18.15-19.45 10 ggr. Start 12/3. Gymnastiksal 2, Johannesskolan , Malmö. Price 1050:-.
Instructors Daniel, Johanna.
B12/3Tis 18.15-19.4510 ggr1050:-Gymnastiksal 2, Johannesskolan , MalmöDaniel, JohannaDirect 4 förare och 4 följare anmälda till totalt 40 platser

And after that you repeat or go on to beginners-intermediate.
See all classes at our full swing dance course schedule

Next up beginner- intermediate (C)

LevelStartDay & timePriceVenueInstructors  
C. Lindy Hop Beg-intermediate, C
Mån 18.15-19.45 10 ggr. Start 29/1. Gymnastiksal 42, Lerbäckskolan, Lund. Price 1250:-.
Instructors Elin S, Niclas.
C29/1Mån 18.15-19.4510 ggr1250:-Gymnastiksal 42, Lerbäckskolan, LundElin S, NiclasClosed 10 förare och 12 följare anmälda till totalt 30 platser
C. Lindy Hop Beg-intermediate, C
Sön 18.15-19.45 10 ggr. Start 4/2. Gymnastiksal 42, Lerbäckskolan, Lund. Price 1250:-.
Instructors Jenny J, Kim.
C4/2Sön 18.15-19.4510 ggr1250:-Gymnastiksal 42, Lerbäckskolan, LundJenny J, KimLate 8 förare och 9 följare anmälda till totalt 38 platser
C. Lindy Hop Beg-Intermediate, C
Ons 18.15-19.45 10 ggr. Start 14/2. Spegelsalen, Moriska Paviljongen, Malmö. Price 1250:-.
Instructors Annette, Johan N.
C14/2Ons 18.15-19.4510 ggr1250:-Spegelsalen, Moriska Paviljongen, MalmöAnnette, Johan NLate 21 förare och 24 följare anmälda till totalt 38 platser

Blues Dance, Solo Jazz, Boogie Woogie, Balboa and Collegiate Shag (Beginners’) courses

LevelStartDay & timePriceVenue  
The LAST Black Cat's Blues Dance Party @ NGBG
Lör 18.00-00.00 Start 16/3. NGBG, Malmö. Price 0.
16/3Lör 18.00-00.000NGBG, MalmöDirect 12 anmälda till 70 platser

Events that include a beginners Lindy Hop taster class

All events that include a beginners Lindy Hop taster class

Events that include a beginners taster class in Blues Dance, solo jazz, Balboa, Shag, Boogie etc

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