Lindy Hop and other Swing dance classes

HepTown arranges swing dance courses in Lund, Malmö, Helsingborg och Dalby in Sweden. Primarily in the dance Lindy Hop but sometimes in other dances too.

During the great swing band era of the 20th century there emerged certain swing dances, quite unlike anything the world had ever seen before. The most well-known and legendary of these swing dances was the “Lindy Hop”. Also known as “Jitterbug”. Originated in the black neighborhoods of Harlem during the twenties and thirties. After decades of slumbering in oblivion, Lindy Hop has once again revived

Full swing dance course schedule 

Next beginners’ Lindy Hop weekend

Level Start Day & time Price Venue Instructors    
A. Lindy Hop Beginners Weekend Mlm, A
Start 7/4. Lör 11.00-16.00 2 ggr.
Instructors Linamaria, Mattias B.
A 7/4 Lör 11.00-16.00 2 ggr 800:- Gymnastiksal, Klagshamns Folkets hus, Klagshamn Linamaria, Mattias B Late Plats finns »
A. Lindy Hop Beginners' Weekend Lu, A
Start 28/4. Lör 10.00-15.00 2 ggr.
A 28/4 Lör 10.00-15.00 2 ggr 800:- Gymnastiksal 42, Lerbäckskolan, Lund Direct Plats finns »

Boogie Woogie, Balboa and Shag Beginners’ Weekends

Level Start Day & time Price Venue Instructors    
Balboa Social & Kitchen Blues
Start 17/3. Lör 20.00-00.00 1 ggr.
17/3 Lör 20.00-00.00 1 ggr 80:- Danssalen, Underverket, Malmö Closed God platstillgång »
A. Balboa Fundamentals Weekend Mlm, A
Start 17/3. Lör 11.00-16.00 2 ggr.
Instructors Eva, Kyle.
A 17/3 Lör 11.00-16.00 2 ggr 900:- Malmö Eva, Kyle Closed Plats finns »
A. Boogie woogie Beginners Weekend, A
Start 24/3. Lör 11.00-16.00 2 ggr.
Instructors Rainer, Åsa.
A 24/3 Lör 11.00-16.00 2 ggr 800:- Malmö Rainer, Åsa Late Begränsat antal platser kvar. Merparten av platserna är redan bokade »
A. Collegiate Shag beginners course, B
Start 15/3. Tors 18.30-20.00 4 ggr.
Instructors Alex, Tony.
B 15/3 Tors 18.30-20.00 4 ggr 500:- Danssalen, Underverket, Malmö Alex, Tony Closed Begränsat antal platser kvar. Merparten av platserna är redan bokade »

Events that include a beginners Lindy Hop taster class

Events that include a beginners taster class in Balboa, Shag, Blues, Boogie etc

Apr 04
Apr 13

South City Blues

April 13, 2018 @ 19:00 - April 15, 2018 @ 22:00

Swing course news

Swing course registration Riot Swing course registration 2018 opens soon Posted in: classes, Front news - At noon on the 13th of December we open the registration for >20 different Lindy Hop classes and courses spring 2018 in Malmö and Lund. Beginners to advanced, weekends, full/half semesters and lots of shorter theme classes. Go to registration page for swing classes and courses.
Din swingdanskurs gör dig berättigad till friskvårdsbidrag Posted in: classes, Front news - Ditt företag är berättigat att ge dig en skattefri personalvårdsförmån som ofta kallas friskvårdsbidrag. Ett bidrag för kostnaden att delta i fysiska aktiviteter som t.ex. dans och däribland såklart swingdanser som Lindy Hop, Balboa och Jazzdans. En möjlighet som de allra flesta företag tar till vara.   Kvitto på swingdanskurs Se Continue Reading
No Stockamöllan Swing & Jazz Festival this summer 2017 Posted in: classes, Front news - With uncertainties surrounding venues Gunhild Carling made the choice to not arrange her big Stockamöllan Swing & Jazz Festival this summer, 2017. Hopefully it will be back next summer, 15-17th of June 2018.