Spring course registration is open!

BIG thank to teachers, volunteers and participants who participated in the autumn semester!

Registration for the spring semester courses opened yesterday, but no stress as everyone who registers until 12.00 on 28 December has the same chance of getting a spot as we will raffle the queue order.

New for this year is that Wednesdays will offer various shorter theme courses. Some of these are already published and open for registration. More will be published and open for registration on the 12th and 19th of January. Feel free to come up with suggestions and wishes! Do you want to teach a theme course yourself?


New restrictions from the 23rd of December 2021

What do they mean for our courses and social dances? According to estimates, the peak of the spread of infection will be in January, thus restrictions can possibly be released before the course semester start in mid-February, but at present no dates have been set. If they are not released and for courses and social dances before that, it could look like the following

Social dances

At public events, to which our social dances in their current form are assumed to belong, only seated guests are allowed if there are more than 20 people. A return to antisocial dance training with a permanent partner and pre-registration may be relevant here as a substitute for the social dances


For culture and leisure activities, requirements are set at 10 square meters per person. This, our courses should follow even if the course activities are closed arrangements that are not legally covered by these requirements. A smaller number of participants in each course and a return to smaller rotation groups may be relevant here, or a delayed course start.

A maximum of 50 people when renting out places for private gatherings applies to those who rent out venues for classes to us, but we are already staying way below that.

Klicka för att se senaste uppdateringarna kring restriktionerna

Hang in there, book the 3rd dose, take care of yourself and have a very Merry Christmas

Your course admin