Essential building blocks to become a great Lindy Hopper

Basic classes: A-C
Building blocks: (D) Musicality, Connection, Tempo etc

If you have already mastered the basic classes A-C, it’s time for the new building blocks. For convenience marked D in the schedule but the intended participant goes way beyond the previous D.intermediate level.

The building blocks have no internal order and essential blocks are intended too recur in varied and evolved orms each year so that you can repeat several times until you master them all and are ready for higher levels.

You will recognize certain concepts from lower levels, but do know that we now will dig much deeper and challenge you to become a much better dancer.

The intention is that if you master these you will pass the audition for the E-level.

NOTE! To master these classes you need to also social dance a lot

Essential building blocks


Swing-out is truly a core figure in Lindy Hop!

In the short one we will go thru the essentials.

In the longer course we will really get into the details and go through some major styles and many variations and work on getting that really nice feeling.

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Communicating, improvising and together and individually really dance to the music is the real core of Lindy hop. The dance should reflect; the feeling and energy of the song, the rhythm / how it is syncopated etc, breaks, the different individual instruments and the song’s different rhythm, feeling and energy and even the lyrics.

With different steps, exercises and figures that feel different to different types of swing music, we will help you find your musicality while you increase your ability to communicate and improvise in the dance

LevelStartDay & timePriceVenueInstructors  
Ons 18.15-19.45 5 ggr. Start 8/2. Gymnastiksal 1, Johannesskolan , Malmö. Price 650:-.
Instructors Sonja, Emil.
D8/2Ons 18.15-19.455 ggr650:-Gymnastiksal 1, Johannesskolan , MalmöSonja, EmilClosed 11 förare och 14 följare anmälda till totalt 40 platser


Really good connection with really good leading/following is the biggest factor that makes up really popular social dancers. In this course, technique exercises to improve yours are mixed with cool figures that highlights the same thing…

LevelStartDay & timePriceVenueInstructors  
Tis 18.55-20.25 5 ggr. Start 28/3. Festsalen, Ungdomens hus, Malmö. Price 650:-.
Instructors LinaMaria, Mattias B.
D28/3Tis 18.55-20.255 ggr650:-Festsalen, Ungdomens hus, MalmöLinaMaria, Mattias BDirect 7 förare och 11 följare anmälda till totalt 40 platser

Happy Feet

Lots of steps and variations that will make your feet happy and your dance more creative, fun and personal

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Fast Feet / Fast is Fun!

Of course, to be able to dance fast, you first need to dance a lot. Frequent social dancing is therefore a prerequisite to be able to keep up with this course. In this course, different techniques and exercises to get your feet moving faster are mixed with different steps and turns that target the same thing. We also put in steps and tours that let you “rest” despite fast music and explored what suits different types of fast music.

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Slow & Groovy

Lindy Hop to slow music can be absolutely amazing but easily gets stiff and boring. It can feel difficult to get an eventful and interesting dance with that nice feeling. In this course, we teach you how to adapt steps, style and figures so that it fits the slow music and feels natural. Specific dips, tricks, tips and figures are mixed with exercises for improvisation and musicality. As a bonus, it can then also look really cool.

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More building blocks

More building blocks are blocks that are currently not considered mandatory and may not recur in this particular form but still contains fun things that everyone should know.

Musicality, Show & Jam

Att dansa till musiken tillsammans i grupp är väldigt givande och roligt. På den här kursen får du lära dig att göra små koreografier som passar till musiken….

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Switch, steal & takeover

Being able to both lead and follow is a prerequisite for truly understanding the dance. Being able to then steal, hand over or just switch smoothly makes the dance very fun and eventful.

You only need to know one dance role in advance (lead or follow), we will teach you a little about the other role.

  • Switch is when changing roles during the dance.
  • Steal is when a 3rd person comes and steals one of the dancers, example:
  • Takeover (or hijack) is when follow take over leading briefly for a 4-count or so
LevelStartDay & timePriceVenueInstructors  
Ons 18.15-19.45 5 ggr. Start 1/2. Gymnastiksal 1, Johannesskolan , Malmö. Price 650:-.
Instructors Tomi, Judith, Anna L.
D1/2Ons 18.15-19.455 ggr650:-Gymnastiksal 1, Johannesskolan , MalmöTomi, Judith, Anna LClosed 13 förare och 13 följare anmälda till totalt 40 platser

Solo Jazz

(Should really be included in Essential building blocks in some way)

Att kunna dansa själv är en förutsättning för att bli riktigt bra på Lindy Hop. Att känna till de vanligaste jazzstegen tillhör dessutom allmänbildningen i Lindy Hop och något du förutsätts kunna när du kommer till andra dansläger. Att träna solo jazz bygger koordination och ökar kontrollen över den egna kroppen.

Solo Jazz erbjuds i många olika former, ofta som individuella kurser i olika jazzrutiner där Shim Sham är den absolut vanligaste. Även om det inte tillhör allmänbildning att kunna alla andra så innehåller de steg som du bör kunna som även kan användas när du dansar Lindy Hop

Hösten 2022 har vi t.ex. en “Studie cirkel” där elever själva delar med sig av bl.a. olika Jazz Rutiner

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