Core Lindy Hop Themes

NOTE! This is a work in progress

If you have already mastered the basic blocks A-C, it’s time for the new intermediate core theme classes. This (and more) core theme courses are intended to recur in varied forms each year so that you can repeat each core theme several times until you master them all and are ready for higher levels.

You will recognize certain concepts from lower levels, but do know that we now will dig much deeper and challenge you to become a much better dancer

The intention is that if you master these you will pass the audition for the E-level



Really good connection with really good leading/following is the biggest factor that makes up really popular social dancers. In this course, technique exercises to improve yours are mixed with cool figures that highlights the same thing…


Swing-out is truly a core figure in Lindy Hop. In this course we will go through some major styles and many variations and how they can fit different occasions

Happy Feet

Stegkvalitet + variationer

Fast Feet

Föra klara dansa snabbt behöver du såklart i första hand dansa mycket. Frekvent socialdans är därför en förutsättning för att kunna hänga med på denna kurs. På denna kurs blandas olika tekniker och övningar för att öka tempot i dina fötter med olika steg och turer som tränar det samma. Vi stoppar även in steg och turer som låter dig “vila” trots snabb musik och utforskat vad som passar till olika typer av snabb musik.

Slow & Groovy

Lindy Hop to slow music can be absolutely amazing but easily gets stiff and boring. It can feel difficult to get an eventful and interesting dance with that nice feeling. In this course, we teach you how to adapt steps, style and figures so that it fits the slow music and feels natural. Specific dips, tricks, tips and figures are mixed with exercises for improvisation and musicality. As a bonus, it can then also look really cool.

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