Solo Jazz / Authentic Jazz / Jazz Roots

As the solo dance of the Swing family, Authentic Jazz is a blanket term for a number of popular dances and steps from the 1920s and ‘30s – The Charleston, tap and a big amount of Lindy Hop community related jazz routines where the most known one is the Shim Sham Shimmy.

With many different steps and routines dancing solo jazz is a great way to gain body control, exercise and get your feet moving. A reward in itself and also mandatory for any Lindy Hopper that want to progress beyond the basics

Authentic Jazz, Solo Jazz, Vernacular solo jazz, African American Vernacular Jazz, Jazz Roots are all words used for this. The term African American Vernacular Jazz does however also include partner dances dances like Lindy Hop….

Solo Jazz?

When we list a class as a solo Jazz Class our intention is that the class is about steps that you can use in your Lindy Hop and Lindy Hop community related solo jazz routines. Some classes will be a specific routine and others will teach steps, improvisation and how to have fun with it and make it your own.

Classes and courses in Malmö and Lund

LevelStartDay & timePriceVenueInstructors  
Solo Jazz & Lindy Hop Tuesdays
Tis 18.15-22.00 17 ggr. Start 16/1. Festsalen, Ungdomens hus, Malmö. Price .
16/1Tis 18.15-22.0017 ggrFestsalen, Ungdomens hus, MalmöInfo
Solo Jazz Dance: The Big Apple Routine, D
Tis 20.00-21.00 5 ggr. Start 5/3. Festsalen, Ungdomens hus, Malmö. Price 450:-.
Instructors Ali.
D5/3Tis 20.00-21.005 ggr450:-Festsalen, Ungdomens hus, MalmöAliDirect 15 anmälda till 40 platser
EMPTY (Solo Jazz) slot that is not yet filled with a course, D
Tis 20.00-21.00 5 ggr. Start 9/4. Festsalen, Ungdomens hus, Malmö. Price .
Instructors T.B.A..
D9/4Tis 20.00-21.005 ggrFestsalen, Ungdomens hus, MalmöT.B.A.Interest

Solo Jazz events in Malmö, Lund, Helsingborg and Copenhagen

Inspiring videos from around the world

Music for Solo Jazz dance routines