Dancing in the age of corona?

With the restrictions lifted the 29th of September, we will still maintain many of our precautionary measures but also adapt and slowly phase them out.

We do our best to comply. When you dance with us, you commit to doing the same. See what currently applies here

Meanwhile, hang in there, get vaccinated, stay safe and well!

How we dance in times of flu and corona

Dancing comes with many positive health benefits, but when it comes to the possible spread of flu, our dance interest is not only a good thing.

We follow the local risk assessments as well as official recommendations and act accordingly.

Precautions introduced in the spring of 2020 will largely be maintained in the autumn of 2021 and probably for some time to come. With the hope of gradually being able to ease those that negatively affect dance and community.

Staying home when you are sick is however a demand that we want to keep forever…

When taking part in any of our activities you are obligated to:

Reduce the risk of infection and infecting!

We think that all these rules can still apply even after 29 September.

  • Get vaccinate against covid-19! *
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and warm water >30s.
  • As backup to washing hands use hand saintlier between dances.
  • Avoid touching your face. Especially the eyes.
  • Cover your mouth/nose when coughing/sneezing**
  • Avoid dance events and courses altogether if you are sick. Especially for the slightest flu, cold like symptoms or anything else that may be a sign of covid-19
  • Stay home if you have been in contact with people who might carry COVID-19.

* Due to FHM’s easing of the restrictions for vaccinated and new restrictions for unvaccinated, starting september 29th, we require that you are vaccinated or have natural immunity. FHM is very clear, those who are not vaccinated should not dance.
You can download your certificate here, but we do not promise to check everyone as it would take too much time and resources from courses and social dances.
In order not to discriminate, you are also admitted with a recent negative test for covid-19.
This would then apply as long as FHM has special restrictions for the unvaccinated.

** The general tip about using the elbow may not be the best thing in combination with social dancing, but still much better than coughing/sneezing straight out. A handkerchief is of course best, but using your hands that are immediately washed works as an emergency solution.

HepTown will:

  • Inform, repeat and nag about the above points to reduce the spread of infection
  • Keep down the number of participants/course *
  • Make sure there is access to soap and hand sanitizer
  • Limit and make partners rotation voluntary on all courses**
  • As far as possible, have substitutes ready for instructors who obviously stay at home if they have symptoms.
  • Be prepared to pause all or part of the course activities again

** How do we eliminate/reduce the partner rotation on the autumn courses?

And what happens to someone who does not have a partner?

Changing partners will still be voluntary for a while after September 29th, but we then want to go back to courses where everyone dances with everyone as the courses work much better that way.

  1. Anyone who has or acquires a permanent dance partner simply dances with this one.
  2. Those who do not have a regular dance partner are paired together on arrival per course occasion and dance with the same person all evening.
  3. Those who wish to participate in a minimized form of rotation, form rotation groups of 2-3 pairs. Within these groups, you then rotate as frequently as on a regular course. After September 29th , we can rotate the whole group or, if desired, keep the rotation groups.

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Updated March 13th 2020 20:14

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