Can I join the course without a partner?

The short answer is YES, but since there are often more followers than leaders who register, and many leaders are late to register, there is a high risk that you will first end up in a queue.

Please cancel your registration immediately if you cannot make it, even if you are still in queue. This will ensure that any last-minute spots are offered to the next person in line.

Can I switch lead/follow roles to get a spot?

Yes! most experienced dancers know a bit of both and you are very welcome to choose which one you want when you register. If you just want to dance and don’t care if you do that in the lead or follow role just put SWITCH in the comments.

If you already registered, just send us an e-mail

As a beginner SWITCH indicates that you are ready ad willing to learn any of the roles and as a more experienced danser SWITCH indicates that you already know a bit of both.

What if I find a partner after I register?

If you find a partner who is not already registered, have them register and include your name in the comment section. We will then pair your applications together.

We will pair together and count as a paired registration any unintentional separate registrations made by beginners who contact us immediately. However, we will not accept intentional attempts by experienced dancers to register as a couple with another dancer who has already been accepted. This is because it creates an imbalance in the courses.

Can I attend a course without a partner?

Yes, we take in more followers at the same rate as more leaders register. The chances of attending depend on how many are ahead in the queue and how long it is until the course starts.

When will I get a response?

Since we take in more followers at the same rate as more leaders register, it depends entirely on when they register, which they can do up until the course starts. If you have other plans and no longer wish to remain in the queue, it is important to cancel immediately so that the spot can go directly to the next in the queue. You can cancel most easily by clicking the cancellation button in your course email.

When should I pay?

You only pay when you have received a spot. You will still receive any discount even if you cannot pay early.

While waiting for a course spot…

…you are always welcome at our social dances, some of which also have Lindy Hop taster class for beginners.