Getting ready for your Lindy Hop weekend

A page with practical information for those that have just signed up for a beginners Lindy Hop weekend

LinaMaria and Mattias dancing Lindy Hop at Kårhuset in Lund

Practical information for those who have just signed up for a beginner’s Lindy Hop weekend course. Most of the information is also applicable to those who take a course spread over several evenings and workshops on higher levels.

This is general information that applies to all weekends and all venues. More specific information will be sent out a few days before your specific workshop.

Good to know

  • CLOTHES. Attire is usually a mixture of training and everyday clothes. At social dances, people sometimes wear retro or vintage styles. Comfortable and loose-fitting or stretchy is good, and most people avoid tight jeans for example. an extra shirt/clothes can also help you stay fresh throughout the day.
  • SHOES. Bring your most comfortable indoor shoes. There are no requirements, but most people bring some version of sneakers/trainers/tennis shoes to classes. A slightly (or much) smoother sole can help you slide more while dancing. NO black-soled outdoor sneakers that leave black marks on the floor. Those who dance often will usually dance in a mix of sneakers, leather soled shoes, or suede soled shoes at social dances. 
  • WATER. A water bottle and an extra T-shirt or clothes are also good to have to keep you hydrated and fresh throughout class.
  • LUNCH. Feel free to bring a lunch box and eat together. However, we usually do not have access to a kitchen, cutlery, etc. Lunch breaks are one (1) hour.
  • VALUABLES. Always bring all valuables into the course room.

The next course

After the Beginners course, the next course is called “B. Beginners-continued” and is offered as a semester course on several different days in Lund and Malmö. Don’t wait too long to register…

There are several chances to repeat the beginner’s course and/or send your friends to one here:

and events with a beginners taster class