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Swing Dance Classes

HepTown arranges dance courses in Lund and Malmö. Primarily in the dance lindy hop but sometimes we have special classes in other dances too.

During the great swingband era of the 20th century there emerged certain swing dances, quite unlike anyting the world had ever seen before... or (until recently) since! The most wellknown and legendary of these swing dances was the "Lindy Hop" (also known as "Jitterbug") which originated in the black neighbourhoods of Harlem during the twenties and thirties. After decades of slumbering in oblivion, Lindy Hop has once again revived.

Note that classes in Copenhagen, Denmark, now are run by an independent community called "Swingin' HepCats", cooperating with HepTown. Visit swingdans.dk for info about classes and international workshops.

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