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Lindy Hop Summer Course

Svaneskolan i Lund Möllegatan 6, Lund

On this little extra summer course we continue with polishing the basics set during the beginners' weekend to keep you from forgetting it all before the full semester of beginners-continued start in September NOTE! This course picks up where the beginners weekend ended. Thus you really need to take the beginners weekend or similar before … Continue reading "Lindy Hop Summer Course"

Theme class: Open Lindy Hop Theme

Svaneskolan i Lund Möllegatan 6, Lund

An open Lindy Hop theme class with Kim & Jenny where the theme will be determined together with their students taking their Spring semester (D)... Mandatory registration https://dans.se/shop/?org=heptown&event=66449 https://www.heptown.com/classes/schedule/ Duration: 3 Sundays in LUND Level: DEF HepCat-members' price for this course is SEK 375 and membership is an additional SEK 50 per semester.

Flyin’ Show Routine take off

Svaneskolan i Lund Möllegatan 6, Lund

On the 21st of January we take off for another round off the Flyin' Show Routine with Kim & Jenny. Flyin' Show Routine A fast Lindy Hop show routine with some aerials for the best of intermediate to the advanced. You need to be able to do several swing-outs in a row in a high … Continue reading "Flyin’ Show Routine take off"

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