Thursday Night Swing

Swing Dance

The Authentic Jazz Solo Swing Dance Project

As the solo dance of the Swing family, Authentic Jazz is a blanket term for a number of popular dances and steps from the 1920s and ‘30s – The Charleston, tap and a big amount of Lindy Hop community related jazz routines where the most known one is the Shim Sham Shimmy….

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LevelStartDay & timePriceVenueInstructors  
Prepay Dance Classes / Betala Danskurser i förskott
Price .
Tranky-Doo x 2, D-F
Tors 19.00-19.50 2 ggr. Start 23/9 år 2021. Gymnastiksal 1, Stenkulaskolan, Malmö. Price 100:-.
Instructors Ylva.
D-F23/9 år 2021Tors 19.00-19.502 ggr100:-Gymnastiksal 1, Stenkulaskolan, MalmöYlvaDirect Plats finns
Dance & repeat the jazz routines CANCELLED!
Tors 18.00-18.50 1 ggr. Start 25/11 år 2021. Gymnastiksal 1, Stenkulaskolan, Malmö. Price 50:-.
25/11 år 2021Tors 18.00-18.501 ggr50:-Gymnastiksal 1, Stenkulaskolan, MalmöClosed Plats finns

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