HepTown Swing ❤ TLTHs-danskurser

Together with TLTHs-danskurser we bring all students a really good deal on an exclusive beginners Lindy Hop weekend at Kårhuset in Lund.

Note! This weekend is only open to students (regardless of where and what you study) any youth below 26

Lindy Hop Weekend and continued course for students & youth

LevelStartDay & timePriceVenueInstructors  
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A. Lindy Hop Beginners' Weekend Lu 27-28/4, A
Start 27/4. Lör 11.00-16.00 2 ggr.
A27/4Lör 11.00-16.002 ggr800:-Gasquesalen, Kårhuset, Lund
Direct Plats finns
B. Lindy Hop Continued Weekend Lu 18-19/5, A
Start 18/5. Lör 11.00-16.00 2 ggr.
Instructors Linamaria, Mattias B.
A18/5Lör 11.00-16.002 ggr800:-Gymnastiksal 42, Lerbäckskolan, LundLinamaria, Mattias B
Direct Plats finns
A. Lindy Hop Beginners' Weekend Mlm 15-16/6, A
Start 15/6. Lör 11.00-16.00 2 ggr.
Instructors Alex, Tony.
A15/6Lör 11.00-16.002 ggr800:-Festsalen, Ungdomens hus, MalmöAlex, Tony
Direct Plats finns
B. Lindy Hop Beg-continued STUDENT, B
Start 18/2. Mån 17.30-18.50 10 ggr.
Instructors Linamaria, Mattias B.
B18/2Mån 17.30-18.5010 ggr900:-Auditorium/Seminar Room H, Kemicentrum, LundLinamaria, Mattias B
Direct Plats finns

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Event with a beginners’ Lindy Hop taster that is free for LTH students

And really cheap for all other students and youth below 26

May 20
May 27
Jun 03
Jun 10