Johannesskolan, important info!

Many who didn’t read below have had trouble finding the right entrance, getting in through the locked door and with accidentally setting off the alarm….

Johannesskolan, Nikolaigatan 7, Malmö. this entrance!

  • Johannesskolan 1 = lower hall, 1st floor, 2 stairs up, GY-SAL 1
  • Johannesskolan 2 = Upper hall, 3rd floor, turn right and then the door marked GY-SAL 2

The front door is locked!

Right now, the door is often unlocked when the course starts, else…

We’ll have someone open about 10 minutes before the class start. Then we run an admission chain so that the last one waits for the next one that then waits for the next one, etc. until the course start time. Write in the course’s Facebook group (link in acceptance email) if you are late and check there to see if any of your classmates are late and please let them in. As a last resort, you can reach your teachers by numbers listed in your acceptance email

Don’t go outside the stairwell as the school’s other premises are alarmed (Later) during the evening.

We have so far escaped expensive fines, but may be liable for payment if the alarm goes again.


There are toilets in the changing rooms located on the entrance floor to the right inside the front door.

Courses at Johannesskolan

LevelStartDay & timePriceVenueInstructors  
Balboa 3 ODD WEEKS, B-C
Ons 18.15-19.45 3 ggr. Start 24/4. Gymnastiksal 2, Johannesskolan , Malmö. Price 650:-.
Instructors Sonja, Anton C.
B-C24/4Ons 18.15-19.453 ggr650:-Gymnastiksal 2, Johannesskolan , MalmöSonja, Anton CLate 2 förare och 1 följare anmälda till totalt 30 platser
B. Lindy Hop Beg-continued TUESDAYS, B
Tis 18.15-19.45 10 ggr. Start 12/3. Gymnastiksal 2, Johannesskolan , Malmö. Price 1050:-.
Instructors Daniel, Johanna.
B12/3Tis 18.15-19.4510 ggr1050:-Gymnastiksal 2, Johannesskolan , MalmöDaniel, JohannaClosed 6 förare och 6 följare anmälda till totalt 40 platser

A few more courses that are normally at Moriskan have occasionally been moved here