About HepTown

HepTown is a small business based in Lund Sweden. We work around the Öresund´s area, the southern part of Sweden and Copenhagen – Denmark. Our main interest is all that has to do with retro style such as rockabilly, surf, ska, jazz, lounge and things that we like.

Our goal is to get the swing & retro culture to grow in Scandinavia and we’re in it all the way. This is our life!

We work in five main areas:

  • Night Clubs & Concerts
    We arrange night clubs and concerts in retro style
  • Classes
    We teach dance courses. Primarily in the dance Lindy Hop but on special occations other dances are featured.
  • HepTown Records
    HepTown Records is an independent label that signs, promotes and releases albums with bands and musicians that we like and believe in.
  • Services
    Supplies all kinds of services interesting for businesses. Dance shows, special courses, theme parties and anything else you want connected to retro culture.
  • Hep Cat Store
    We import and sell cds, movies, clothes etc. for the swing & retro community.