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HepCat Café

a hothouse in Copenhagen for people with taste for the golden swing era

Under the spell of HepCat Café Copenhagen
HepCat Café Copenhagen is the swinging meeting place for all cats and kittens in town. The place to hang out and dance the coolest dance in the world: The Lindy Hop. It's a hothouse for people that just can't seem to forget how fast they did the Charleston in the 20's, how elegantly people dressed in the 30's, how powerful and cool the dancing was in the 40's and how the swing music blasted through all the decades.

Do the Swing Dance
The party always takes off with a short crash course in swing dance, so your feet can enjoy the music on the dance floor. The free of charge intro to swing dancing takes place from 2.30 to 3.00 p.m. You don't need to bring a partner; all you need is the will to swing!

DJ’s, Live music & Parties
At HepCat Café Copenhagen the music always swings, anything from 30's swing jazz to 50's rhythm'n'blues and jive can be played by our swing DJs. Once a month there is a live jam concert played in styles true to the old days. Now and then Studenterhuset is turned in to a setting from the swing era. Here the cats and kittens show up in authentic clothes and retro style to celebrate the past.

Start living under the spell of HepCat Café Copenhagen – the swingiest place to be.

Next HepCat Café Events:

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