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Shaggin’ in the Rain 2023 – Collegiate Shag Festival in Copenhagen

Happy Feet Studio

We welcome you to join our cozy shag festival in Copenhagen! Join us for 3 days celebrating Collegiate Shag with swing music and dancing. We offer a weekend with classes on various levels, three parties & Sunday tea dance - all with live music, fun competitions, Danish coziness in a lovely dance studio, sauna time … Fortsätt läsa ”Shaggin’ in the Rain 2023 – Collegiate Shag Festival in Copenhagen”

Collegiate shag beginner’s weekend 4-5/11

Ungdomens Hus

Dance like the college kids of the 1930’s with this elegant and goofy dance! Collegiate shag is an African American vernacular dance from the 1930’s and 1940’s, and danced primarily to uptempo swing jazz music. While shag was danced all across the US, it is believed to have originated in the Carolinas in the 1920’s. … Fortsätt läsa ”Collegiate shag beginner’s weekend 4-5/11”