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Monday Night Swing + Beginners Lindy Hop Class 6/2

Teknologkåren vid LTH John Ericssons väg 3, Lund

For those that are new to swing tonight the evening starts with an included 1h Lindy Hop class for beginners. It's a taster class were we will in a fun and easy way will give you some moves to later use on the social dance. You are very welcome regardless of age, membership, dance ability, … Fortsätt läsa ”Monday Night Swing + Beginners Lindy Hop Class 6/2”

Balboa Beginners/Fundamentals Weekend Malmö 1-2/4

Ungdomens Hus Norra Skolgatan 10B, Malmö

A fast paced and fun Balboa weekend for both beginners’ and a bit more experienced balboa dancers with Sonja and Anton We're also looking into adding more teachers and more levels this weekend... If you have no experience of Balboa this is where you will learn the Basics. If you already know some Balboa this … Fortsätt läsa ”Balboa Beginners/Fundamentals Weekend Malmö 1-2/4”

The Swing Dance Party 1/4 | Balboa | Lindy Hop | Blues dance

Malmö Folkdansare Sallerupsvägen 26, Malmö

Save the date! And get ready for another great swing dance party near central Malmö on the 1st of April. Three smooth wooden dance floors with mixed tempos and music styles catering to the balboa, lindy hop, collegiate shag, solo jazz and blues dancers all night. In the beginning of the evening we got balboa … Fortsätt läsa ”The Swing Dance Party 1/4 | Balboa | Lindy Hop | Blues dance”