E. Lindy Hop - Highest level

Dates: 16-17/6Time: 10-17
Venue: Stockamöllan, Stockamöllan, Stenbocksliden, STOCKAMÖLLAN

Register now You are probably a local teacher and travel near and far to attend Lindy Hop camps and exchanges. The music speaks to you and you adapt, improvise and play around according to its gospel. Tempos are of no concern - you are out on the dance floor whether Cosy Billie Holiday or frantic Benny Goodman is played. But perhaps most characteristic is that you rarely ever get to rest on social dance nights because you are constantly asked to dance, and that advanced dancers smile and laugh - a lot - while dancing with you.

This course is part of the Stockamöllan Swing festival and dance camp the 15th – 17th of June. Al classes are held on Saturday the 16th an Sunday the 17th of June. The live music nights on Friday the 15th and Saturday the 16th are included in the course price. 

Please note!
Signing up for a Lindy Hop level will grant you access to Lindy Hop classes on that level and theme classes like authentic jazz. You will be able to take about 5h of classes during the weekend.

Signing up for a Lindy Hop level will not grant you access to the swing band classes.

Visiting the festival for evening concerts and social dance is SEK360-420 per night. Those who wish to participate in the workshops, and are willing to follow a 1920’s -1940’s dress code (during the nights), are offered a wonderful package of classes, evening dances and camping for only SEK 950 for the full weekend. The condition is that you pre-register and pay in advance to Bankgiro 5651-5828 (HepTown). Visitors from abroad may pay at arrival, but note that the registration is binding.

Lunch and breakfast is registered and played for separately

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